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Mourning the loss of some little friends…

Thursday,  June 23rd – B

Hi, Luigi here… being sad.  I didn’t know whether to mention this sad news or not.

But, I’m sure  that many of you have experienced the sudden loss of a pet.  But, last Friday, the 17th, three little Pugs from our neighborhood sneaked out of their yard, and although they ran helter-skelter through our apartment property, no one could get them to calm down and stay with them till their mommy and daddy showed up.  Well, unfortunately, they found their way up onto the train tracks which run behind our apartments.  And, then, the unspeakable happened.  In just an instant, their family lost all three of them.

So many folks were heart-sick and crying– especially their Mom and Dad.  They had searched so diligently for them–calling for their ‘babies’.    It was purely an accident that they got out–they were just having a ‘cheeky romp’- a tawny mother, her son, and a little black sister.  And, then the tragedy.

It's hard to not be sad--sometimes.

Grandma cried off and on all weekend.  She had seen them run by and had talked with their parents who were calling for them.   I heard her talking with friends who were still lamenting their loss and what that family must be going thru.  It made me think how fragile every moment of life really is.

“We need to speak kindly to each other ‘all the time’–and say I love you and that you smell nice.  Because, you never know when you won’t have that chance again. ”

Then, another family, here, had a loss  this week– Igor, Alph, and Cramer lost their Mommy last week.  They all thought she just had the flu–but it was more serious.  I wonder what will happen now  to a little white, bristley dog, and 14 year old Alph the Pomeranian, and the huge Tuxedo cat, Cramer.  I hope they find a nice grandmother to love them, too. I’m sure they are really, really sad because their mommy took wonderful care of them.

Cat tails at the pond--standing guard.

Well, I guess that’s enough  stories about sadness.

But, you know, there are two sides to a coin–and if we don’t acknowledge both kinds of emotions, how do we know how to feel?

‘Woof-Woof’,  Luigi

p.s.  On the Friday nite that the little pugs died, when Grandma and I did our evening walk, we heard a lone turtle dove– cooing– just 6 times… that’s all.

Grandma told me, “Luigi, the Grandfathers have taken the little puppies to heaven–and the turtle dove is letting us know they are resting now–and alright.”   She has Native American heritage, you know, and she knows these stories.   But, I think she’s right–because we’ve never heard that turtle dove before– or since.

There is a mystery to life that we must all leave up to God–and just patiently wait till He explains it to us.  You know, He lost His Son, too.  That’s why He is so wonderfully understanding.