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OMG! A Huge Family Secret…

Tuesday, August 2

Hey, Hey, Everybody– Luigi here!  How’s summer treating you?  We have been having just splendid weather for sure.  Grandma and I have taken some lovely walks– and, for a couple of weeks, while she was ill, Scooter’s mommy came and got me–you remember her- my puppy taxi when I couldn’t walk.. That’s who.  She volunteered to walk me twice a day– she just rolls along in that Candy-Apple Red Scooter and I trot along beside her–or ahead–or what ever–she’s pretty sweet about it.

Scooter with the Imperial Dragon marks on his face

Here’s a picture of her Scooter–LOL  the 4 legged one.  He, as you can tell, is a Shih-Tzu.                Apparently he’s a really handsome one– his Poppa says he has the Imperial Dragon-red eyes– it’s really pretty beautiful–uhhh, let’s say it looks ‘rad’– he’s pretty macho and probably doesn’t appreciate femmy   words.

The dragon dog—

So, here’s a little better shot of that ‘dragon’ face.   He doesn’t look really happy here– but, he just got a new sister– Lexie– and she’s driving him nuts bouncing up and down,  arguing with him about his toys… He hasn’t gotten her trained yet.  We’ll get a photo of her pretty soon.        And then, finally, here’s a photo of Scooter and I together.


OK, so here’s why I put this picture of us together in here.  Notice how I have that lovely smooth, curly Bichon fur…. Well, let’s hope you see that again.

When my Mom and Dad dropped me off to visit with Grandma for three years–yep 3– you heard right–They failed to tell me there were some serious family secrets.  Here I am getting used to living with this crazy Grandma– when,  hang on to your hats…  I find out that my Grandma is a “closet Groomer”

Now, that doesn’t mean she likes to arrange clothes in the closet– it means that she is wild about trimming dogs.  OK  first take a look at that photo of Scooter and me.   See!  I am a dog!  So, do you know what that means?  T-r-i-m …

Let me tell you– it started out last week with a little, “Luigi– let Grandma trim your feet and nails.”   Well, that wasn’t too bad– a Paw-dicure.  I don’t like the nail clippers–so after one loud chirp –even tho nothing happened–She changed to the electronic file–and that was pretty agreeable.  And, to add insult to injury, rat-cat Sophie even came out and stood on the couch about 10 inches from my feet to see what was going on-the whole time.   Then Grandma trimmed the puffy fur on my paws.  Well, that was all fine and dandy…

So, 2 days ago– out came the big guns… “Luigi?  Where are you?”  (Can’t you just hear that sweet little voice of hers?)  So, I go trotting in–expecting one of my Paul Newman Treats–  and, she has this little blanket all set up on the couch– and the next thing I know–she’s after me with these bright orange scissors.  OMG  Snip, snip– just a little here and a little there– only a couple of minutes.                      “Well, that went well! she says.   And I thought we were out of the woods…. and then that crazy woman adds– “We can work on this a little at a time and we’ll get done in no time”, and chuckling she adds, ‘ yep–no time– like 12 months from now!”

Can Bichons go into respiratory arrest?  I am having visions of being out and about with funky holes cut into my fur–for weeks– OH FINE– you can laugh– but, I’m the guy that has to endure all that razzing from my buddies as I take  my walk around the  apartments.

OH, OH,  JUST WAIT– it gets better– tonight she puts said blanket on the coffee table and says, “Luigi– why don’t we trim you while we watch America’s Got Talent– it’s on for 2 hours tonite and we can just sit here and trim you!”   And, she brings over this huge, white garbage bag and opens it up and sets it on the floor-  OMG    A body bag– either she’s going to shave me bare-naked, or she’s dangerous and if she kills me, she’ll dispose of me in that thing.  So, even tho she said, ‘sit’… no way, Jose`  I stood for an hour– and she snipped-snipped here, and snipped-snipped there.  yep…  So, there is enuff fluffy white curly fur in that garbage bag to make wigs for 10 Bichons undergoing radiation– I swear.   AND  apparently we are not done– NOT done— we still have my back legs and butt to do– I guess we’ll get to see who gets voted off the AGT show on Wed. nite the way things are stacking up.   The only thing I can truly say is that it feels a bit cooler–and I do love it when she scratches my back… ahhhhh   she’s a chiropractor, you know– great hands.

Well, that’s my sad but true story– I resemble a block of furry Swiss cheese– Grandma is totally happy–now.  I’ll bet she did this to Mom when she was little, too—that’s got to be the reason she didn’t warn me– Well, I’ll keep you posted  here and let you know how this all turns out.   OMG.. what did  dogs write before they invented O-M-G ?

Well, Y’all take care,  here…  Woof-Woof, Luigi    🙂


Happy Fourth of July—

Monday, July 4th

Woof, Woof, Woof–and Happy 4th of July!  Let’s eat!  Knackwurst, Potato Salad, and

Thanks to our Fore-Fathers for our Freedom!

Deviled Eggs! Which translates to Puppy Kibble,  a Pet tab, and a Paul Newman Treat for me—oh, Lord.  But, it will be a most special day for us all–don’t you think?  Grandma and I are going to B-B-Q with Scooter and his Mom and Pop.

Our neighbors are already celebrating with ‘loud bangie’ things which make such a racket– I try to stick close to Grandma so she doesn’t get afraid.

You know, we are still doing our WONDERFUL walk twice a day!  Man oh man do I love that walk.  Grandma is still carrying the Scooper Genie and the leash for me–fortunately it leaves my paws free to trot on ahead so I can check out any upcoming surprises or dangers.  You laugh? Dangers– well the other day I had to growl 2 times because I heard some ‘walking through the leaves’ in the little forest just south of our apartments.

There was lots of discussion among the ‘oldies but goodies’—They said that ‘homeless’ people sometimes sleep in those little woods during the summer.  Now, that doesn’t seem very practical to me at all. With all the rain we get, they might as well curl up in a shower stall somewhere.  But, finally, Milo, you know the dappled grey black  Dauchsie who is quite bossy to everyone– well, Milo’s Poppa said that the other morning when they were taking their walk, there was a large doe just lying in the grass in front of the woods.  Grandma explained to me later that a doe is the kind of animal who would be Rudolph’s momma.  Now, if I only had some idea who the heck Rudolph is,  it might actually make some sense to me.

I thought since this was an important holiday, that I’d share some family

Everybody's chilling out-- even Bella

photos  with you folks.  You remember that I told you I had a six year old sister–Bella.  Well, Aunty sent us a funny photo of Bella. Aunty was hanging out on her patio–stretched out on the garden sofa, and Bella just jumped up on her and laid back–like Aunty.  They took a photo of that Bossy Gal just chilling’ out!  You can just see the pink tip on top of her nose–that’s the only way you can tell us apart when we are both scurrying about.  I really do miss her.  Grandma says we are going to go visit her in a bit.

Bella is up with my cousin, Nacho.  Now, Nacho is not a Bichon– but, he is a   Havanese–the Cuban version of a Bichon.  And, yes, he does speak Spanish–the show off!    Aunty hollers, “Nacho, NO!”  and he understands immediately.  (Si` is yes in Spanish, and NO is no.)  I think he also understands taco,  chips, frijoles, y salsa, too.

Nacho trying to nap!

Aunty says she needs to teach him ‘basura’ also because she needs to holler, “Nacho, NO, no basura!”   LOL  Basura is garbage.   Gotcha back, Nacho!  He’s only about 4–but he’s mighty handsome.  Altho–he sort of has a Zorro mask, eh?

Apparently he and Bella have gotten to be good buddies, and after breakfast and their morning ‘yard work’, they tear around the house for a while playing.

Yesterday we had a special treat–in our center court yard there is a lovely little garden of sorts– it’s really just a big flower-bed around the patio.  But, a whole bunch of people are taking care of it now–Igor and Alf’s  mommy used to take care of it…before she passed away.  So now everyone is helping out. And, a whole bunch of my buddies were out there– Watson, Buster, Scooter, Carrie  and I.  And,  Watson’s mommy had some doggie treats with her–everyone was in a cheerful mood and loving the beautiful flowers and the glass and metal butterflies stuck around them.  It was lovely.

You know, there are a lot of great things to be thankful for on this 4th of July!  We should all take a moment, too, and thank all our soldiers--like my Poppa who is in Germany–and all the men he works with and was deployed with. They make a lot of sacrifices for their families and their country–so that we can act happy and B-B-Q  today and eat too much and set off all those noisy fireworks.  And, we send a sincere hello and a few wagging tails to those families who have lost their soldiers who won’t be home with them today.  They are called “Gold Star Families”, you know.   This is the true meaning of our Red, White, and Blue–Gratitude and Freedom!  God Bless America–today and always.    Happy Fourth, y’all,  Woof-Woof, Luigi.