Just a traveling around the state…

Hey, hey, everyone!  Luigi here.  Well, I won’t have any pictures this time–just wanted to let you know that Grandma and I came down to Aunt Margie’s on Monday.  She is a really sweet and beautiful woman–one of Grandma’s younger sisters. (LOL–all her sisters are younger… but don’t let her know I told you.)

When we drove up, Grandma said, “Luigi–look here!  This is definitely Aunt Margie’s yard. Look at all those beautiful plants.”  I could immediately tell what she was talking about–little azaleas, butterfly bushes, gray creeping stuff with white flowers growing down the rocky wall, little hot-pink puffy flowers, and lots of different yellow ones –and a little paved patio  cuts into the sloping front yard next to the front door.  It looks like a great place to have a doggy “meet and greet”… don’t you think?  We could have some little bones in dishes…  oh, well, I should have been a Metro-pup– I love all that kind of stuff.   Aunt Margie’s  back patio was just a lovely.  A lot of the plants were in pots next to special-looking big rocks– and some pale purple ‘pin-cushion’ flowers and some little pink flowers had Grandma just ooo-ing and awing.

I was a little worried at first about being in a new home–but, I made sure I kept track of Grandma’s feet–cuz, if they are in sight, I’d  know for sure where she was.  Aunt Margie said something about it’s been nearly 5 years since she saw me last time– that I seem much more calm.  Well, duh!  I am ten now you know.  She said all she remembers was my sister, Bella, and I and a lot of jumping, running around, and barking at the doors. OMG–could she be any farther from the truth today!

So, yesterday, Grandma got up early, fed me, and we did our walk out front up and down some rolling hills–it was a great morning–We even saw some deep red poppies that were as big as cantaloupes.. really.  Then, after we got home, came the big surprise.  Aunt Margie and Grandma left about 10:30 in the morning and there I was, alone for the day in this house–I barked a couple of times when they locked the door to remind them that they had forgotten to take me, too.  But, after a while I realized I was there alone with another rat-cat down stairs– this one is named “Yowley Meoww”… well, not really, it’s Petunia..  she is like a ‘black calico’– and has little gold-colored spots on a black background.  And, once more,  here’s a cat who thinks she ‘owns’ the house.  What happened to dog equality?  And, she ‘fitzes’ at me– a funny noise–like that’s going to scare me!  Sophie is looking better and better…

Later I learned that they had taken Aunt Margie to see her doctor–you know– that’s like our veterinarian. And, after a few hours, they let Grandma bring her home–OK, but sleepy.  It must have been important because everyone was being really quite for her last nite–and checking on her, too.  I offered her a doggy treat, but, she said she couldn’t eat anything yet.  Humans! They sure require a lot of work.

Well, it poured really hard last nite, so all the grass was wet this morning when we went out into the back yard.  It is a steep hill with grass and Pine trees out there– and OMG there was the sweetest, cold water on the grass– I was grooving and chewing   on the grass blades and that silly Grandma started singing the “Luigi is gumming on some grass” song–teasing me about having lost some of my teeth.  I just ignored her–because if she had any idea how good these delicate grass blades tasted– I’d probably have to share them.  NOT!

Well, sorry for no pics– I’m typing on Uncle Richard’s computer–and I don’t think I’m supposed to download photos here. LOL  So, I’ll say ciao till  this weekend. Y’all take care– hides some bones for a rainy day!

Oh, and GO VANCOUVER, B.C.– WIN THAT STANLEY CUP!     “Woof, Woof, Luigi”


Lots of fun running around

Thursday, June 9th

Hi everyone, Luigi here.  Sorry for the break–but Grandma and I have been running

This is supposed to be a funny hat!

around the last few days.. and gee, she wasn’t giving me any time to post my blog.  LOL

Well, I keep meeting lots of new buddies walking around this place, for sure.  I met Buster and Wilson the other day and they were just so nice and friendly.  This Buster is the cutest thing– he’s part Chihuahua and part Papillon– so he’s like a tall, black Chihuahua with little feathers on his ears.   He must be young because he’s pretty energetic.

Then, there’s this Wilson–he’s pretty old–a  great big yellow lab with some grey whiskers.  Grandma told me that Wilson is a retired service dog.  He retired last year–up till then he took care of a man who was sight impaired.  Wilson is just really mellow–and looks like he is always thinking on things–y0u can tell that he’s had a lot of responsibility before in his life.

Part of this running around included going to the pet food store.  It’s one of those stores that   Grandma can take me in with her.  Well,  just as we entered the store  this bubbly sweet store clerk came right up to our cart and tells Grandma that I’m so cute.  How did she know that so fast?  And, she wanted to give me a treat–but, you know how that goes… I didn’t get one.    But, we did find my favorite food and digestive tabs.  Mmmmmm those are so good.

You know that Grandma almost lost her mind there in the pet store– there were 4 cute little kittens up for adoption.  For a moment she says, ” Luigi–should we get you  another cat?”   “Psyche!”   she was just teasing me, fortunately.  OMG, is she nuts!

Let me tell you what that rat-cat did  the other day.  I was feeling pretty bummed out after dinner–so Grandma had me come sit next to her on the couch.  There I was lounging on this nice, soft pillow when, “BAM” the next thing I knew Sophie had jumped up on the pillow  and then she stood on top of me– “yup!”   Her front paws on my shoulder and her back paws standing on my butt.  STANDING right on top of me, and then she goes, “Meow!”    “Sophie!”   Grandma hollers  and she picks her off my back and has her lie down on the pillow between us..”Meow!”  she goes again.  I didn’t get to excited about it… just a cat-brained thing to do!      But, I can sort of understand  her perspective on my being in the home, now.  She was the only pet in the house for over 10 years, so maybe she just is a bit jealous.  Boy, this must be a lot of pressure on Grandma–making sure that both of us get fed, get brushed, get petted, get ‘bathed’…yuck!  I heard that B-A-T-H is on the horizon, too.                  So, I thot I’d add this humiliating picture   I’m supposed to be wearing a hat- LOL  LOL    Well, I better run.   Take care of you.   Woof-Woof,  Luigi


Wednesday, June 1

Hey, hey, everyone– Luigi here.  Boy, I didn’t know keeping up with a blog would require this much work– you know, after sleeping,  eating, walking, poohing, walking, sniffing, napping, eating, walking, etc. you get my drift.  Just a heck of a lot of responsibility.  All that and trying to make this transition easy for my Grandma.  She’s older– I told you that, tho.                                                    Oh, here’s a picture we found of her and I a few  years back when she was caring for me–and we went walking on the pier                                                                                                                                                     Oh, the life of a sailor–with the breeze fluffing your ears.

So, what have you all been doing lately?  Me, oh, I’ve been concentrating on learning all the protocols that it takes to live with my Grandma– it isn’t as easy as you ‘d think.  I mean, I had over 10 years with my Mom and Dad and fluffy-haired girl.  But, this Grandma is something all together different.   First off– we now live in an apartment.  That means– no yard.  Well, there’s a big yard–but no little patio–so every time I  want to go out, or need to go out,  Grandma has to personally take me outside.   So, I ring my bells hanging on the patio door,  ching-ching-ching.

Now, I’ve got Grandma trained to come running–for sure.  But, then she has to put my harness on me, clip the leash to the harness, put on her shoes, her sweater, find her cane, get a sip of water, get a plastic bag, get a tissue or two, and finally–out we go.  So, the going out protocol is– about 5 minutes before you think you have to go out— you better ring the bells.  LOL

Once we are outside, there apparently is a protocol for walking and ‘marking’.   Now, I have to say, Grandma is the sweetest person in the world to take a walk with.  She understands that it is important for me to feel in charge of something once in a while, so the walk is my thing.  She is just along to carry the leash–and the plastic bag.  Well, and to keep track of all the friends I meet and those crazy old people who want to feed me all sorts of treats–which I love–but Grandma isn’t too sure of.

So, back to the walking and marking.  You know, don’t you, that this is a skill passed down to me from from my grandfather’s grandfather.  I have an exquisite Bichon pedigree– right out of Boston.  I’m sure there is a special marker on my DNA for exceptional territorial marking.  Now, you may think this is just plain old peeing on every thing that looks like a post–but it isn’t.  It takes a cunning sense to know just how much marking to do at the prescribed distances to ensure that you can still mark all the way around the complex and back to your own house.

Well, as I say, unashamedly, I am the best!  But, here’s the wrinkle.  I’m just sniffing and lifting along, and then, Grandma says– “Luigi–not there– those people sitting in their living room do NOT need to see you peeing on their tree!”  What! What’s she talking about– what people?  And, I try to stretch the leash just a bit more to reach that darn tree–but, Grandma has the tension set and ‘thwang’– that’s all the further I can go.  So, I am learning that there are several places, that although they have great trees or posts,  N’uh-uh… rule them out.  And, we just have to move on.   OMG.  How will they know I passed by?

Then, there’s the sleeping under the desk protocol.  (See, here’s a picture of me hanging out under the darn desk)

looking handsome in the dim light

Well, Grandma spends a lot of time  writing.   When I want to make sure she isn’t getting lonesome, I  sometimes  come in and go up under the desk.  The protocol seems to be OK for you to curl up by her toes, but you have to stay off the computer wires!!  Emphatically–NOT on the wires.  Gees, I don’t lick them, or chew on them–I just scratch them around a bit to make a comfy nest.   But, she keeps giving me the same lecture about the electricity in the wires isn’t good for my body….  So, I eventually give in and move out to my Bark-a-lounger… LOL  yep, my very own padded, leather bed with side-walls.  Hey, my Mom and Dad spoiled me rotten–what can I say.

So, that’s part of a day in the life of a luxury dog– having to keep all those rules straight– but, you’ll see, in time, I’ll get Grams to relax.  Now, if I could just convince her to fost-adopt that rat-cat out for a while–  oh, well,  Better run.

Woof-Woof, Luigi

Socializin’ at the pub–er– bench…

Saturday, May 28

Well, it’s Luigi, again… and it’s a beautiful day outside–apart from the random

Watching all the dogs go by

clouds floating overhead–but, so far, no rain. Grandma and I got up and went  for a walk–and did the circle around the apartment backwards for a   change.

Everyone with a dog must have had the same thing in mind after the terribly hard rain yesterday–get out while the  sun is shining.  And, they were out.  First we ran into Carrie–the 11 yr. old Doxie–she’s the cutest red-head–just a little gray in the muzzle–but hey, we are all getting older, eh?  She and her mom were going clockwise–and we were going counter-clockwise.

Then, up around the corner, we ran into Tucker and his mom.  Now Tucker, I think is about 10–seems to be the going age around here. LOL  He’s the silky, blue-gray miniature Yorkie,.  Grandma just loves him and coos and goos at him. Then, some man with a Scandinavian accent, from Idaho (? go figure) came by while we were talking to Tucker– and he had a 3 and a half year old Shitsu named– Speedy.  Now he was really good looking– black and white–but, he didn’t look brushed at all.

The man was squatting down petting everyone when Grandma noticed he was slipping each dog a little piece of some soft, brown treat–looked like my morning Omega 3 to me.       “Oh, excuse me,” Grandma said, “Luigi may not have a treat.”      WHAT!  Is she nuts?  It smelled great!  It seems everyone around here hauls treats around in their pockets for all the dog-pets.   She just doesn’t know who all these people are and especially, what’s in that treat…so  she started to explain that I’m on some special diet, the man says,  “Oh, to lose weight!”   Hey, take a look at me– I don’t look so bad–just 3 or 4 lbs. over my ideal weight.

Well, Grandma quickly took offense for me and promptly let him know that my ‘vet has me on a specialized diet for allergies and arthritis’.  Sounded good to me.  The man stood up and said, ‘Oh’, and then turned his back on us and began talking to the other women.  So, we said good bye to them…(cuz Carrie and her mom had arrived now also–remember we are walking in a circle–lol)  I don’t think I better tell you what Grandma was a mumbling as we walked off–but I know she felt that man had insulted me…. She stuck up for me so fast let me tell you.

So when we got back and since I was in good with Grandma, now,  I thot that since  she  was asleep watching  Tora, Tora, Tora–with Rat-cat sitting by her on the couch, I could ever so quietly sneak over to the dregs in the cat food dish.  No such luck– I mean 3 inches before I had that delicious Paul Newman snack in my mouth, I hear her say, “DON’T EVEN let your nose touch that bowl!!!”  Man, I stopped short, looked to my right, and there she was–in full repose with her eagle eyes watching me  across the kitchen.   So, I guess there must be a philosophical difference between being on my side and not letting me get away with crap, eh?  Oh, yes, Grandma says, kids may read this–use  “get away with stuff.”..  Roger and Out.

Up front--looking N E.

Well, here’s a photo of the front of the apts.  You know, they are like living on a   ship–so big and all sorts of nice things inside.   So, when we walk clear around the place a couple of times, I think we are walking about 2/3rds of a mile– that will get us in shape for sure.

Grandma says we got an email from Mom today, and she said they are in Germany, now–had a good flight. That the city they have moved to is Beautiful.  This doesn’t sound like they are just on vacation, does it.  And, what’s a flight? Gosh, there are so many mysteries I just don’t understand.

You know,  this is the weekend we honor our Veterans— Grandma said that a lot of men in our family are vets–so they must be something important and nice—it’s called, Memorial Weekend.  I think we are supposed to B-B-Q.        Have a great day.  Woof-Woof,  Luigi


Contemplations– go figure!

Thursday, May 26th

Just watching and thinking

Hi everyone, Luigi here… I’ve been doing some thinking and thought I’d share some of my conclusions with you.  (I guess wisdom is rubbing off on me from living around all these wise, old folks…heh, heh, heh)                                                                                                                    So, you know all that rain we had for a few days, well, it reminded me about,   “With every  good, a little rain must fall.”

I think that’s true.  But, I’m seeing it in reverse!  Here I was complaining about all that darn rain, when the most interesting and beautiful thing happened.  Grandma was taking me for a walk out back by the pond–which had grown substantially because of all the rain.  It was still drizzling–but the big trees overhang the walkway enough that you don’t get too wet back there.

Then, I saw something moving out on the pond– and it was thousands of circles traveling all over the top of the pond.  What was happening was when a rain drop landed on the water, it made a little circle of waves which then kept growing bigger and bigger–sometimes as big as I am long.  Then, it would bump into another wave circle coming along.  When it was smaller and stronger, it would just wipe out the big old circle.  Or, when it got so big itself, it would get wiped out.  But, there was a constant supply of circles all different sizes because the little rain drops just kept falling.  It was like a little  flat water ballet.

It made me think about all of us on earth–people and their pets–we all have our own  circle of waves–and some of us are young and energetic and we fill in or wipe out the less capable  wave circles.  However, lots of us live long enough to create very, very big circles of influence–even when we aren’t as forceful any more–we are still dynamic.  And, then, when we all come together–we create the whole pond of water–and you can’t tell one droplet from another–we just exist as one.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could live like raindrops?

A corner of the pond

     See, I thot  you’d like that.  It was sort of  a ‘watching poem’.     Cool.                                     Oh, gee, all this thinking back reminded me I miss my fluffy-haired girl.  …and my Mom and Dad, too.   But Grandma is taking good care of me,  you know.  Why, last nite she stood in the pouring rain for 20 minutes while I counted blades of grass.             What?  Are you nuts?                   What else would I do out there in the rain for that long?                     Oh, no… don’t even ‘go there’… I didn’t.    LOL   Freaked poor Grandma out.    But, she got even with me– she slept in till 9 this morning.  Oh, man, I learned my lesson.

Well, y’all have a great day tomorrow.   Catch you on the flip side.      Woof-Woof, Luigi.

Does any one have Noah’s cell number?

Wednesday, May 25th.

Hey, Luigi here…  OMG I just arrived from the AZ desert– just hot… and here it is pouring rain.  And, you should just see the raincoat  that  Grandma puts on me.  I’ll have her take a picture of it  tomorrow.  So, I just got all the smells identified by area–and now, all I can find is a snoot   full  of water.  What gives?

Well, I didn’t get to write much over the weekend–  On Saturday Grandma went to a luncheon with her friend–who played a guitar.

But, after their meeting, they came home and got me and we all drove up to Bellingham.  They both laughed a lot.

I guess when you’re older and your kids are grown up, or, at least older, you have lots to chat about.  Then, they got the dad–and they all went for Mexican food–but, of course, they didn’t let me go in with them. 

So, did I tell you that I have my own personal zoo right here at   Grandma’s apartments?  Yep, some squirrels,  and a pair of Mallard ducks in the pond out back, lots of other dogs–    little   ones, older ones, and a few young, yippie brats.

And, don’t forget the rat-cat that lives right here in my home…

But, you know, R-C is starting to visit with me– well, I think it’s visiting.  When ever  Grandma and I go outside, now, R-C is sitting at the screen door waiting for us when we come back.  The other day, she wouldn’t even move her butt to let me back in.   In fact, she leaned forward and we actually touched noses.  And, today while Grandma dried the rain off of me,  R-C started hitting at my fluffy tail with her paw.  I guess she thought it was a toy— the nerve!       Well, Grandma says that Sophie–that’s her name–can you imagine naming a cat!  LOL   Anyway, Grandma says that Sophie has been the only pet in the house for over 10 years other than an occasional visit from my cousin, Nacho.    So, I’m trying to go easy on her and not chase her down.                                               Oh, and then there’s the little incident of          getting in trouble over eating Sophie’s snack , again.    

Like,  Grandma  must have super hearing because all I did was lick the rest of the food out of the bowl .   But, wow, she hollered at me from the back of the apartment.  “Luigi, is that cat food bowl I hear sliding all over the kitchen?”   Now, how’d she know that was me and not that darn cat?  So, I just gave her one of those cute little ‘shy eyes’ looks, and she calmed right down.  But, boy does that cat food taste great.  I hope I can keep my promise to her.

Also,  today I just want to say “Goodbye to Oprah! ”  It was her talk show’s last day– I’ll bet her dogs will be glad she’s going to be done with that gig.  She honors dogs you know–they did that show on those outrageous puppy mills– oh, boy, I could bite some ankles when I see that cruelty.  Well, I better close for now.  I’ll be back soon.   Woof-Woof, Luigi.

Settling In…

Thursday, May 19

Well, this is just a short note—Had another great walk in the sun with Grandma–we did about 2/3rds of a mile today–or so she says.  The sun was at it again–one more day.  I ran to the doctor with her this morning–she was gone just a few minutes–at 8:50 am.  Then, we came home and did our walk.  

Then, after lunch, Grandma had to go to the dentist and then Costco.  Boy was I happy when she came home— she

really loves me and keeps coming home.  I did a little happy dance for her. After our evening walk  I saw a rabbit–just a little brown one–and another LOUD train.  They are scary.   I met a cute Jack Russell Terrier–named Shilo Marie–she is                                                          10 years old, too, but boy can she scamper about.  Those little girls are cra-a-a-zzy.

     Well, Grandma said she called Mom–and they are just finishing with the movers”  I think I’ve seen them before–when we moved 3 other times– well 4 if you count the time I was really little–before the baby came.  I’ll try to find a picture of me way back then–Grandma thinks she has one somewhere.

      So, we have to get to bed…again… y’all take care– I heard our cousin was in the hospital–way down south– I sure hope he’s doing better.

      Woof-Woof, Luigi