Alls Well That Ends Well…

Tuesday, June 28th

Hey, hey, y’all!  Luigi here– lots going on, I’d say.  Last Sunday, Grandma gave me a bath–    in the kitchen sink, no less!

Resting after my walk..

OMG.  She sort of sneaked that one up on me.  But, I have to say, she’s got all the right moves. She had the water nice and warm–even

the rinse water–with a little brown apple cider vinegar–organic to  boot!  (She says that ‘restores my acid mantle’–whatever the heck

that is, eh?)  And, warm towels–and then, boy is she clever–she has these big blue pads–called ‘camel’ pads–and they suck up water to 10 times their weight. So, she ups and wraps me in one of those, then a warm towel and carried me to the bathroom, shut the door, and then came that noisy hair dryer and lots of brushing and brushing–white fluff was flying everywhere–no wonder she tucked us in the bathroom. LOL

It was just so cute the way she manicured me–with reassuring comments–I think that’s what it was–but her voice was very caring.  So, after a bit, there I was, nice and dry and fluffy–OH YEAH!  Fluffy is the operative word.  And, then, when we went for our walk, everyone–all those little old people– had to touch me and say,” Oh he’s sooo white–and sooo soft!”  I have to admit, I sure liked all that attention.

She just looks innocent, let me tell you

Oh, ha ha ha, the best part is that Rat-cat didn’t get away with anything.  Grandma said that since she was all wet anyway and had all the towels out, that Sophie might as well get her ‘summer’ bath, too.  MEOW-meow!  Oh boy you should have heard that song.  Grandma told her to be quiet–that she’s getting one of her 2 baths per year–in spite of the noise.  LOL LOL Serves her right.

Later that evening, I ran into Scooter by the benches on the lawn.  He was so playful and he was all groomed too.   Shih-tzu’s have to get clipped a certain way–it’s a pride thing–I think–but he was just as happy to see me as I was him–so,  I just had to bounce with know that great hop–2 steps   forward–head down, butt up, tail a wagging!  Then 3 bounces back.  We did this for a couple of minutes, I swear.  It was so fun…well, until the next morning–my arthritis kicked up in my right shoulder– It was so stiff– I was limping by the time we got to the end of our walk.  Grandma slowed our walk way down–but I told her to keep walking– I love getting out of the apartment.

So, we made our trip down the hall to take the trash out–and we stopped in and I got to visit with Scooter.  He wasn’t as excited to see me as he was the evening before…but, he’s a young-un.  I think he was worried about his food– like I’d eat that– I had already had my breakfast.  LOL      And, then something unexpected happened.  When we went to leave, we hadn’t even gone 10 steps in the hallway, when my shoulder really went out. And I could barely walk.   And, that Grandma–she’s amazing.  She went back to Scooter’s apartment and knocked on the door.  After a quick little discussion, zip-zip-zip–Scooter’s mommy came riding out the door on this candy-apple red contraption--another type of scooter.  Yep!  Grandma got me a ride on the puppy  taxi!  At first I wasn’t sure about it, but she put me in Scooter’s mommy’s lap–

Isn't this the berries? My own taxi.

and we followed Grandma down the hallway.  Two grandmas reassuring me with soothing voices as we jetted towards our apartment–clear on the other side of the building. Boy was I glad to get a ride.  Getting older is the pits!  Well, that’s what Grandma says all the time–and now I know what she means.  I guess I just can’t get so excited and do that bouncy dance again.

We made it home–and thanked the ‘taxi driver’..LOL  And, Grandma gave me my ’emergency pill’–as she called it.  OH YEAH!  She also adjusted me, massaged my back, and gave me a little piece of treat (She never gives me the whole darn thing–she’s watching my weight, she says.)   After that, I  felt a whole lot better… we sorta took it easy the next 2 days– and didn’t walk so far on our outings, and we went at a much slower pace.  I’m just about back up to par, now.  Thank heaven’s.

Well, this is about enough excitement for now.  Will chat with you soon.

Woof-Woof,  Luigi


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