Contemplations– go figure!

Thursday, May 26th

Just watching and thinking

Hi everyone, Luigi here… I’ve been doing some thinking and thought I’d share some of my conclusions with you.  (I guess wisdom is rubbing off on me from living around all these wise, old folks…heh, heh, heh)                                                                                                                    So, you know all that rain we had for a few days, well, it reminded me about,   “With every  good, a little rain must fall.”

I think that’s true.  But, I’m seeing it in reverse!  Here I was complaining about all that darn rain, when the most interesting and beautiful thing happened.  Grandma was taking me for a walk out back by the pond–which had grown substantially because of all the rain.  It was still drizzling–but the big trees overhang the walkway enough that you don’t get too wet back there.

Then, I saw something moving out on the pond– and it was thousands of circles traveling all over the top of the pond.  What was happening was when a rain drop landed on the water, it made a little circle of waves which then kept growing bigger and bigger–sometimes as big as I am long.  Then, it would bump into another wave circle coming along.  When it was smaller and stronger, it would just wipe out the big old circle.  Or, when it got so big itself, it would get wiped out.  But, there was a constant supply of circles all different sizes because the little rain drops just kept falling.  It was like a little  flat water ballet.

It made me think about all of us on earth–people and their pets–we all have our own  circle of waves–and some of us are young and energetic and we fill in or wipe out the less capable  wave circles.  However, lots of us live long enough to create very, very big circles of influence–even when we aren’t as forceful any more–we are still dynamic.  And, then, when we all come together–we create the whole pond of water–and you can’t tell one droplet from another–we just exist as one.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone could live like raindrops?

A corner of the pond

     See, I thot  you’d like that.  It was sort of  a ‘watching poem’.     Cool.                                     Oh, gee, all this thinking back reminded me I miss my fluffy-haired girl.  …and my Mom and Dad, too.   But Grandma is taking good care of me,  you know.  Why, last nite she stood in the pouring rain for 20 minutes while I counted blades of grass.             What?  Are you nuts?                   What else would I do out there in the rain for that long?                     Oh, no… don’t even ‘go there’… I didn’t.    LOL   Freaked poor Grandma out.    But, she got even with me– she slept in till 9 this morning.  Oh, man, I learned my lesson.

Well, y’all have a great day tomorrow.   Catch you on the flip side.      Woof-Woof, Luigi.


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