Does any one have Noah’s cell number?

Wednesday, May 25th.

Hey, Luigi here…  OMG I just arrived from the AZ desert– just hot… and here it is pouring rain.  And, you should just see the raincoat  that  Grandma puts on me.  I’ll have her take a picture of it  tomorrow.  So, I just got all the smells identified by area–and now, all I can find is a snoot   full  of water.  What gives?

Well, I didn’t get to write much over the weekend–  On Saturday Grandma went to a luncheon with her friend–who played a guitar.

But, after their meeting, they came home and got me and we all drove up to Bellingham.  They both laughed a lot.

I guess when you’re older and your kids are grown up, or, at least older, you have lots to chat about.  Then, they got the dad–and they all went for Mexican food–but, of course, they didn’t let me go in with them. 

So, did I tell you that I have my own personal zoo right here at   Grandma’s apartments?  Yep, some squirrels,  and a pair of Mallard ducks in the pond out back, lots of other dogs–    little   ones, older ones, and a few young, yippie brats.

And, don’t forget the rat-cat that lives right here in my home…

But, you know, R-C is starting to visit with me– well, I think it’s visiting.  When ever  Grandma and I go outside, now, R-C is sitting at the screen door waiting for us when we come back.  The other day, she wouldn’t even move her butt to let me back in.   In fact, she leaned forward and we actually touched noses.  And, today while Grandma dried the rain off of me,  R-C started hitting at my fluffy tail with her paw.  I guess she thought it was a toy— the nerve!       Well, Grandma says that Sophie–that’s her name–can you imagine naming a cat!  LOL   Anyway, Grandma says that Sophie has been the only pet in the house for over 10 years other than an occasional visit from my cousin, Nacho.    So, I’m trying to go easy on her and not chase her down.                                               Oh, and then there’s the little incident of          getting in trouble over eating Sophie’s snack , again.    

Like,  Grandma  must have super hearing because all I did was lick the rest of the food out of the bowl .   But, wow, she hollered at me from the back of the apartment.  “Luigi, is that cat food bowl I hear sliding all over the kitchen?”   Now, how’d she know that was me and not that darn cat?  So, I just gave her one of those cute little ‘shy eyes’ looks, and she calmed right down.  But, boy does that cat food taste great.  I hope I can keep my promise to her.

Also,  today I just want to say “Goodbye to Oprah! ”  It was her talk show’s last day– I’ll bet her dogs will be glad she’s going to be done with that gig.  She honors dogs you know–they did that show on those outrageous puppy mills– oh, boy, I could bite some ankles when I see that cruelty.  Well, I better close for now.  I’ll be back soon.   Woof-Woof, Luigi.


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