Settling In…

Thursday, May 19

Well, this is just a short note—Had another great walk in the sun with Grandma–we did about 2/3rds of a mile today–or so she says.  The sun was at it again–one more day.  I ran to the doctor with her this morning–she was gone just a few minutes–at 8:50 am.  Then, we came home and did our walk.  

Then, after lunch, Grandma had to go to the dentist and then Costco.  Boy was I happy when she came home— she

really loves me and keeps coming home.  I did a little happy dance for her. After our evening walk  I saw a rabbit–just a little brown one–and another LOUD train.  They are scary.   I met a cute Jack Russell Terrier–named Shilo Marie–she is                                                          10 years old, too, but boy can she scamper about.  Those little girls are cra-a-a-zzy.

     Well, Grandma said she called Mom–and they are just finishing with the movers”  I think I’ve seen them before–when we moved 3 other times– well 4 if you count the time I was really little–before the baby came.  I’ll try to find a picture of me way back then–Grandma thinks she has one somewhere.

      So, we have to get to bed…again… y’all take care– I heard our cousin was in the hospital–way down south– I sure hope he’s doing better.

      Woof-Woof, Luigi


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