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Wednesday, May 18th

Hey, hey, hey!  It’s Luigi again… how are you all doing?   I’m doing ok today.  I still miss my family–but Grandma is very sweet to me –inspite of my having a hankering for the cat  food–but hey, it’s Paul Newman’s organic chicken and salmon– can you blame me?

I have found a great new place to sleep–in Grandma’s bedroom–if I just back up off my bed a little bit– I’m in her closet on some nice soft clothes–I guess I will just make myself at home, eh?  (That’s some Canadian phrase I’m picking up.)  First off– I heard Bella barking–while Grandma was talking with Aunty at the computer– and I thought she was at the patio door doing her ‘alarm-bark’– so I went running to our door–and she wasn’t there.  But, some lady walked by with a little fluffy black and white dog–so I barked back at them to let them know not to get too close to our apartment.  It seemed to work because they never came up to our door.

It was another sunny day, so we did some more walking and investigating.  

       Today went a bit better because I guess Grandma is trained

now to just pick up the bowl of cat food when Sophie’s done.

I’m glad, because I just can’t resist the temptation.  I got brushed again tonite.  And, we

laughed and ‘almost’ ran around the coffee table.  But, you know how that goes.

then I’ll be expected to roll over or some such thing.

OK, it’s late.  Don’t want to wake Grandma up– so I’ll say, Woof-Woof, Luigi


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