Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, the s-u-n shine in…

Tuesday, May 17th

This was a gorgeous day– and the sun shine was wonderful.  I’m still with Grandma–and we took a long, slow walk for almost 45 minutes–and we went clear around the apartments.

I also got to meet a new friend– a black, long-haired chihuahua-mix named Buster.  He is just a little taller than I am–and has fluffy hair on his ears. He was just one of those ‘young-uns’ because he wanted to jump and hop around– really.  In the middle of the day, Grandma left me home–said she had an appointment and would be right back. And, she was.   We went out a couple of times– and then I met Rick–he was walking out back–and later I met him up front. 

Things were pretty mellow until mid-afternoon –I got into trouble– but it’s that rat-cat’s fault.  You see, she gets this little bowl of soft food, and she doesn’t eat all of it.  Well, I was doing my usual check all the corners in the kitchen –and there was this little white bowl with some of her food left.  Naturally, I thought she was done, so I cleaned the bowl.  Well, Grandma heard the bowl clinking around the kitchen and boy oh boy!  She was really upset with me…and I got one of those lectures where the angry person tells you the issue over and over.  Gees– I got the point.

But, I guess I’m getting dementia because, later that evening– I smelled that lovely food again, and when Grandma walked out of the kitchen, I just nudged that cat right out of her dinner–and finished it for her.  OH RATS!  I guess the honeymoon is over.  Grandma flicked a drippy hand of water at me– and said, “Luigi–this isn’t going to work if you keep eating Sophie’s food.”   Good Godfrey– she called that cat by name—she was really serious, too.  She didn’t keep repeating herself this time.  So, I guess I’ll just have to remember to not eat the cat food.   Darn it.       OK, I’m almost caught up with the journal– till later.   Woof-Woof, Luigi


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