It wasn’t just a dream…

Monday, May 16th

Hey, everyone, it’s Luigi, again.   I woke up this morning and I was still at Grandma’s–it wasn’t just a dream.  She was really sweet to me and talked to me about having brek-kust  like Mom does–and she took me outside for the morning tinkle.  Things are happening normal-like, but I still don’t know where my family is–or Bella.  Thank  gosh I know this is ‘my’ Grandma.

As we were doing the breakfast routine, this large, gray-striped, fluffy ‘rat’ walked into the room–Man oh man–did I let it know to stop right there– Bark, Bark, Bark.  I’m not letting any ‘fluffy rats’ in our house.  But, Grandma quickly pointed out that, “Luigi–that’s Sophie– our CAT– don’t bark at her, she lives here, too.”  What in the heck is a cat?  Why would Grandma be taking care of that thing?  Oh, my!

So, I ate my breakfast with one eye watching that Sophie.  You can never be sure that Grandma didn’t make a mistake and that the cat thing might not be true.  And, you know how rats come steal your food.

Afterwards, we went for a walk to a nice little grassy area by a pond.                  

Of course, I had to sniff all over very carefully–and WHOA!  this huge thing went roaring by us just on the other side of the trees.  Whoot, whoooo!  Holy cow–scared me half to death– I looked at Grandma who was just casually standing there smiling.  She assured me in her sweet voice, “It’s OK Luigi–it’s a train.  A train.”   So, I checked back and forth a couple of times–and she wasn’t running for cover, so I guess it’s ok to not get in a panic–but, criminey–you could even feel the ground tremble.

After that, we ran some errands.  Now that I understand cuz my Mom used to do a lot of that–and lots of times Bella and I would go with her.  Oh, Bella.  Where are you?   This is very strange.   Any way, I ran around with Grandma who would get out of the car for just a really short time–and off we’d go again.  The rest of the day was pretty normal.  She put a little footstool by the couch to help me get up by myself.  OMG  I was really in a panic when she said, ‘jump up. Luigi, jump up’.  …on the furniture–yep… Grandma must be losing it–she’s old you know… on the furniture.  But, she has everything covered with blankets for me–even the car seat.  Oh, that Grandma.

Well, that’s pretty much how things went.  I never did find Bella.  But, before I went to bed, Grandma  brushed me a long time–it felt lov-ell-y.  So, I’ll close for now– I need to report about Tuesday, and then, I’ll be caught up with my journal.  Woof-Woof, Luigi.


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