It all started out as a simple vacation…

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

” Hey!  The name’s Luigi.   I am just now a  re-located, mature dog—uprooted–bed, toys, blankets,  food, vitamins, brushes,  Lamby and all.  For some reason–which isn’t altogether apparent to me–I’m now living with my Grandmother.  Well, don’t you know that this is just a bit confusing!  But, what’s a dog to do?  Journal?  Who the heck is going to explain things to me? So, I figured  I better keep track of things so that I don’t forget what the heck is going on. So, to start with,  I think I’d better let you know who I am. ”

” Well, I think you got the name–Luigi.  Now, I’m an East-coast,  Bichon Frise who just turned 10 on March 1st.  ( I mention East-coast because I’m from the Boston area–and  sis is a Westerner–from the PNW.  She’s bigger and is a bossy princess.)  Let’s see–I’m all white–except for these 2 coal-black eyes and 1 coal-black nose–and I’m really, really fluffy.  So, overall, I’m good–just a little stiff in my right shoulder, but other than that, I’m handling being a ‘mature’ dog pretty well.”

“So, there I was living this idyllic life–well, except for  bossy Bella.  I had a fluffy-haired little girl, a busy mom, and a deep-voiced dad.  I was living in Tucson where it was hotter than any dog should have to put up with.  And, then, everything changed. ”

” For some reason called going on a vacation,  Mom and Dad packed  Bella and I into the car with everything we owned, including our little girl, and some  of their stuff, too,   and we started driving…and driving…and driving.   My little girl sat in back with Bella and I and she just chatted and sang and slept–for 2 days. We love her so much–but it was a long trip.   Finally,  we ended up at a beach cottage overlooking a lot of water, cloudy with rain,  and  OMG, we nearly froze after the desert.

Then, all these different people started stopping by to visit.  First  there were ‘uncles’–so we were told.  Then, they left and some cousins, and an aunty and our Grandmother arrived.  That silly grandma would call our names in a high, squeaky voice  and we would run all around the room.  Boy, that got us all excited–this was going to be some vacation.  Some other friends and their son joined us too.  So there were lots of folks and snacks and noise–and everyone was laughing a lot. We all had a great time together for several days…until last Sunday morning when it was announced that we had to go home–so pack up the cars. ”

” Of course, it had to be raining as Dad started carrying stuff up to the cars.  Everyone was talking about  leaving and going home.   But when  all was said and done, Bella and I were in Aunty’s car with Grandmother and the boys—and all our stuff.  And, Mom  and Dad and our little girl were telling us goodbye.  It was all pretty confusing.  But, that’s what happened–we were off with the relatives–and our family was left behind at the cottage.  Well, once again, we had a good long ride–but this time with the 2 boy cousins–who are fun enough, but aren’t exactly our fluffy-haired girl.  And, then, we get to Grandmother’s home–and they put all my stuff in her apartment.  And then, the unmentionable happened.  They drove off with my sister Bella.  Just drove off and left me with Grandma.  Can you imagine that?  ”

“So, that’s my dilemma.  I’m sitting here with my Grandma–whom I love very much.  But, I don’t know where my Mom and Dad and little girl are–and where’s that bossy Bella?  I heard Grandma tell someone , ‘this is my sweet little grand puppy and that my family’s going to Germany for 3 years–so I’m going to stay here with her’, and they petted me and smiled.  Where’s Germany?  What are 3 years?  What’s going on here?   I guess I’ll get this all sorted out eventually. ”

“Well, it must be my bedtime, I’m tired, now. So, I’ll journal tomorrow.   Woof-Woof, Luigi”                                                                                                              


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