OMG! A Huge Family Secret…

Tuesday, August 2

Hey, Hey, Everybody– Luigi here!  How’s summer treating you?  We have been having just splendid weather for sure.  Grandma and I have taken some lovely walks– and, for a couple of weeks, while she was ill, Scooter’s mommy came and got me–you remember her- my puppy taxi when I couldn’t walk.. That’s who.  She volunteered to walk me twice a day– she just rolls along in that Candy-Apple Red Scooter and I trot along beside her–or ahead–or what ever–she’s pretty sweet about it.

Scooter with the Imperial Dragon marks on his face

Here’s a picture of her Scooter–LOL  the 4 legged one.  He, as you can tell, is a Shih-Tzu.                Apparently he’s a really handsome one– his Poppa says he has the Imperial Dragon-red eyes– it’s really pretty beautiful–uhhh, let’s say it looks ‘rad’– he’s pretty macho and probably doesn’t appreciate femmy   words.

The dragon dog—

So, here’s a little better shot of that ‘dragon’ face.   He doesn’t look really happy here– but, he just got a new sister– Lexie– and she’s driving him nuts bouncing up and down,  arguing with him about his toys… He hasn’t gotten her trained yet.  We’ll get a photo of her pretty soon.        And then, finally, here’s a photo of Scooter and I together.


OK, so here’s why I put this picture of us together in here.  Notice how I have that lovely smooth, curly Bichon fur…. Well, let’s hope you see that again.

When my Mom and Dad dropped me off to visit with Grandma for three years–yep 3– you heard right–They failed to tell me there were some serious family secrets.  Here I am getting used to living with this crazy Grandma– when,  hang on to your hats…  I find out that my Grandma is a “closet Groomer”

Now, that doesn’t mean she likes to arrange clothes in the closet– it means that she is wild about trimming dogs.  OK  first take a look at that photo of Scooter and me.   See!  I am a dog!  So, do you know what that means?  T-r-i-m …

Let me tell you– it started out last week with a little, “Luigi– let Grandma trim your feet and nails.”   Well, that wasn’t too bad– a Paw-dicure.  I don’t like the nail clippers–so after one loud chirp –even tho nothing happened–She changed to the electronic file–and that was pretty agreeable.  And, to add insult to injury, rat-cat Sophie even came out and stood on the couch about 10 inches from my feet to see what was going on-the whole time.   Then Grandma trimmed the puffy fur on my paws.  Well, that was all fine and dandy…

So, 2 days ago– out came the big guns… “Luigi?  Where are you?”  (Can’t you just hear that sweet little voice of hers?)  So, I go trotting in–expecting one of my Paul Newman Treats–  and, she has this little blanket all set up on the couch– and the next thing I know–she’s after me with these bright orange scissors.  OMG  Snip, snip– just a little here and a little there– only a couple of minutes.                      “Well, that went well! she says.   And I thought we were out of the woods…. and then that crazy woman adds– “We can work on this a little at a time and we’ll get done in no time”, and chuckling she adds, ‘ yep–no time– like 12 months from now!”

Can Bichons go into respiratory arrest?  I am having visions of being out and about with funky holes cut into my fur–for weeks– OH FINE– you can laugh– but, I’m the guy that has to endure all that razzing from my buddies as I take  my walk around the  apartments.

OH, OH,  JUST WAIT– it gets better– tonight she puts said blanket on the coffee table and says, “Luigi– why don’t we trim you while we watch America’s Got Talent– it’s on for 2 hours tonite and we can just sit here and trim you!”   And, she brings over this huge, white garbage bag and opens it up and sets it on the floor-  OMG    A body bag– either she’s going to shave me bare-naked, or she’s dangerous and if she kills me, she’ll dispose of me in that thing.  So, even tho she said, ‘sit’… no way, Jose`  I stood for an hour– and she snipped-snipped here, and snipped-snipped there.  yep…  So, there is enuff fluffy white curly fur in that garbage bag to make wigs for 10 Bichons undergoing radiation– I swear.   AND  apparently we are not done– NOT done— we still have my back legs and butt to do– I guess we’ll get to see who gets voted off the AGT show on Wed. nite the way things are stacking up.   The only thing I can truly say is that it feels a bit cooler–and I do love it when she scratches my back… ahhhhh   she’s a chiropractor, you know– great hands.

Well, that’s my sad but true story– I resemble a block of furry Swiss cheese– Grandma is totally happy–now.  I’ll bet she did this to Mom when she was little, too—that’s got to be the reason she didn’t warn me– Well, I’ll keep you posted  here and let you know how this all turns out.   OMG.. what did  dogs write before they invented O-M-G ?

Well, Y’all take care,  here…  Woof-Woof, Luigi    🙂


She makes my heart go pitter-pat…

Monday, July 18th

Well, say hey, everyone!  Luigi here.  How’s it going?    We just want to give a shout out to some special Bichons–  Chloe and Lady Bug.  Their mommy sent us a very sweet note.  I know my fluffy haired girl in Germany will love that, too.

My sweetie pie, Maddie

Summer’s here and so far is just a long series of rainy showers.  You just get dry when they drag you back outside to take another walk.  LOL

The other nite we had the whole gang gathered at the benches in the court yard, so Grandma started taking pictures of everyone.  (She asked every mom if it would be OK to post them on my blog–she assured them that we weren’t telling where we live–for security reasons.  Like we’d go off with anyone else, hah!)

Anyway, this first photo is that little girl, Maddie, who makes my heart go pitter-pat.

She is part Bichon and part Shih-Tzu.  See, she’s got a tail like me–and the cutest square butt.  Grandma told her mommy to take her to Matel and have them make a toy like her–it’d be an instant sell out.  She’s not more that 16-18″  long.  And, she’s sure she’s ‘all that’, too.

Like, I can see her coming  down the sidewalk, and I stretch that leash out as far as I can just to get to her first.  I can’t even hear Grandma calling my name when I’m watching Maddie…  Gadfry, when I can’t even hear my whole name… Luigi d’Vinci D….. you know I’m preoccupied.  OMG, the other day she had pink, plaid bows on her head.  That did it!  I was done.

Willy--the magnificent

This next photo is of Willy– the magnificent.  He’s a chihuahua– I’d say tiny– but he is  like a war veteran and deserves a lot of respect, so I’ll just say not very big.  He’s about 8 or so–and he got rescued about a year and a half ago from a puppy mill– over 300 dogs were found.  He was skinny having been kept in a small, filthy kennel as a stud dog.  Well, let’s not even go there.

His mommy now has taken such good care of him–he has gained at least a pound.  But, he won’t let you even mention the word L-E-A-S-H  to him.  Apparently, that was used harshly on him– so, now he gets fighting mad if you come near him with one.  So, he just follows his mom around– never goes more than 10 ft. from her–and everyone knows he just was abused and makes exceptions for him.  It’s sort of like he survived the war–and now he’s just learning to love and enjoy his freedom.

Willy  likes being up on the bench so that he doesn’t get trampled on.  He still isn’t sure of all the commotion over him– after more than 6 years of abuse– but, you know, he’s coming around– like there were 7 dogs here during this photo and he’s still  standing tall– well, that’s relative, too, isn’t it.         Well, I guess we’ll make this one short– we have a lot more photos to post, too.

So, y’all take care,  will  get back to you  tomorrow or so…  hugs to all your family and pets.  Woof, Woof, Luigi

Someone’s in the dog house, now… LOL

Monday, July 11th

Hey, Hey, you guys–it’s Luigi, again.   How’d your 4th of July go? Ours was great– Grandma and I joined Scooter and his family for a little BBQ– was good.  Then, there were a lot of fireworks around here.  Grandma said the New York City fireworks on TV were just spectacular.  In fact, her cousin was in NYC for the real deal— he took his granddaughter there  while they were up visiting .  He said it was just so huge and so well-coordinated that they couldn’t believe it.  Well, hey, that’s New Yorkers for you– they excel… what can we say.

So, you remember that story I told you about my cousin Nacho speaking

Now, are those guily looks or what?

Spanish–and that I thought Aunty should teach him the word for garbage–“basura’  –to go along with the   word NO!  Well take a look at this photo–LOL

Aunty says she came home and there was garbage torn apart all over the kitchen.  Apparently the boys upstairs playing X-box never heard a thing. She was pretty upset, so she hollered– “You dogs go to your ‘cunas’–which is what we call their crates.   Well, she thought Nacho was the guilty party–as usual. But, when she turned around, both Bella, my sister, and Nacho had gone to Nacho’s crate  and both were just sitting there–awaiting ‘sentencing’.   LOL  LOL  LOL

She said it was pretty apparent that both of them had been having a hey-day there.  You know of course, I’d never do that, don’t you.  Well, let’s say, I’d never get caught at least.

Well, Grandma and I have been doing our half-mile walks, per usual twice a day.  Otherwise, nothing too important going on here.  The arthritis in my shoulder was bothering me, so Grandma gave me my medicine for a couple of days when she found me limping after our walks.  That seemed to help a bit–but then I lost my appetite.  And, I started acting depressed–what ever that is– but I just didn’t want to hang out with her and that rat-cat, Sophie, so I found some quiet corners and began sleeping all the time.

Since this wasn’t my usual m.o.,   we wondered  just what that medicine really did.  So, Grandma Googled it’s name,  she found out that it had some very serious side affects if I were to take it very long–including lack of appetite and depression.  Well, duh!.  So, don’t you know, she figured out I could take some bright yellow spice called ‘Turmeric’.  It’s a powdered bark and it  helps decrease inflammation naturally.

So, she puts a little pinch of it in a spoonful of my soft food–and Ole` down it goes… She said if I turn ‘curry yellow’ she’ll have to cut back on the amount. That’s her idea of humor.   Of course, I play it up a bit and get her to follow it up with one of my favorite Paul Newman Treats–  I wouldn’t mind trading those for my kibble– but she constantly reminds me that the operative word there is “treats”.  She laughs–but Sophie and I keep trying to get her to expand her ‘treats’ regimen to more than once per day.    But, we get the same old rhetoric about staying trim.  What’s a dog to do?  Anyhow, I’m walking pretty good again–just a little bit pokey at the end of the half-mile–but then, she let’s me set the pace–so we make it home, fine.

We caught this picture of Sophie looking out the patio door the other afternoon         –just day dreaming.   Grandma and I have talked about getting her a walking halter– to see if she’d go walking with us.   But, so far, we haven’t gotten there.  She has  decided I’m here to stay, I think.  We have finally started bumping noses when we walk by each other– I guess she probably isn’t as bad as I had imagined.

Sophie just watching the world go by outside.

Well, we have been talking to all my buddies when we go for a walk–and asking their Moms and Dads if it’s OK to take some photos and put them up on our blog… so you all can see them.

And, the other day, my little fluffy haired girl asked Grandma if I had a girl friend, yet.  Well, Grandma didn’t know that I liked this cute little Maddie– OMG is she a doll– black and white or is it white and black– she’s half Shih tzu and half Bichon.  Grandma keeps saying she looks like she should be a Matel stuffed toy.  But, be still my old heart.  She is a heart breaker– well, that the truth, too, because I think at least 4 or 5 of us like her.  And, you know girls–they tend to be fickle, too.  She flirts with us all.  But that’s ok–she’s just so cute.

Well, I better hit the hay– Another day is on the horizon.  Take care of you—all.

Woof, Woof,  Luigi.

Happy Fourth of July—

Monday, July 4th

Woof, Woof, Woof–and Happy 4th of July!  Let’s eat!  Knackwurst, Potato Salad, and

Thanks to our Fore-Fathers for our Freedom!

Deviled Eggs! Which translates to Puppy Kibble,  a Pet tab, and a Paul Newman Treat for me—oh, Lord.  But, it will be a most special day for us all–don’t you think?  Grandma and I are going to B-B-Q with Scooter and his Mom and Pop.

Our neighbors are already celebrating with ‘loud bangie’ things which make such a racket– I try to stick close to Grandma so she doesn’t get afraid.

You know, we are still doing our WONDERFUL walk twice a day!  Man oh man do I love that walk.  Grandma is still carrying the Scooper Genie and the leash for me–fortunately it leaves my paws free to trot on ahead so I can check out any upcoming surprises or dangers.  You laugh? Dangers– well the other day I had to growl 2 times because I heard some ‘walking through the leaves’ in the little forest just south of our apartments.

There was lots of discussion among the ‘oldies but goodies’—They said that ‘homeless’ people sometimes sleep in those little woods during the summer.  Now, that doesn’t seem very practical to me at all. With all the rain we get, they might as well curl up in a shower stall somewhere.  But, finally, Milo, you know the dappled grey black  Dauchsie who is quite bossy to everyone– well, Milo’s Poppa said that the other morning when they were taking their walk, there was a large doe just lying in the grass in front of the woods.  Grandma explained to me later that a doe is the kind of animal who would be Rudolph’s momma.  Now, if I only had some idea who the heck Rudolph is,  it might actually make some sense to me.

I thought since this was an important holiday, that I’d share some family

Everybody's chilling out-- even Bella

photos  with you folks.  You remember that I told you I had a six year old sister–Bella.  Well, Aunty sent us a funny photo of Bella. Aunty was hanging out on her patio–stretched out on the garden sofa, and Bella just jumped up on her and laid back–like Aunty.  They took a photo of that Bossy Gal just chilling’ out!  You can just see the pink tip on top of her nose–that’s the only way you can tell us apart when we are both scurrying about.  I really do miss her.  Grandma says we are going to go visit her in a bit.

Bella is up with my cousin, Nacho.  Now, Nacho is not a Bichon– but, he is a   Havanese–the Cuban version of a Bichon.  And, yes, he does speak Spanish–the show off!    Aunty hollers, “Nacho, NO!”  and he understands immediately.  (Si` is yes in Spanish, and NO is no.)  I think he also understands taco,  chips, frijoles, y salsa, too.

Nacho trying to nap!

Aunty says she needs to teach him ‘basura’ also because she needs to holler, “Nacho, NO, no basura!”   LOL  Basura is garbage.   Gotcha back, Nacho!  He’s only about 4–but he’s mighty handsome.  Altho–he sort of has a Zorro mask, eh?

Apparently he and Bella have gotten to be good buddies, and after breakfast and their morning ‘yard work’, they tear around the house for a while playing.

Yesterday we had a special treat–in our center court yard there is a lovely little garden of sorts– it’s really just a big flower-bed around the patio.  But, a whole bunch of people are taking care of it now–Igor and Alf’s  mommy used to take care of it…before she passed away.  So now everyone is helping out. And, a whole bunch of my buddies were out there– Watson, Buster, Scooter, Carrie  and I.  And,  Watson’s mommy had some doggie treats with her–everyone was in a cheerful mood and loving the beautiful flowers and the glass and metal butterflies stuck around them.  It was lovely.

You know, there are a lot of great things to be thankful for on this 4th of July!  We should all take a moment, too, and thank all our soldiers--like my Poppa who is in Germany–and all the men he works with and was deployed with. They make a lot of sacrifices for their families and their country–so that we can act happy and B-B-Q  today and eat too much and set off all those noisy fireworks.  And, we send a sincere hello and a few wagging tails to those families who have lost their soldiers who won’t be home with them today.  They are called “Gold Star Families”, you know.   This is the true meaning of our Red, White, and Blue–Gratitude and Freedom!  God Bless America–today and always.    Happy Fourth, y’all,  Woof-Woof, Luigi.

Alls Well That Ends Well…

Tuesday, June 28th

Hey, hey, y’all!  Luigi here– lots going on, I’d say.  Last Sunday, Grandma gave me a bath–    in the kitchen sink, no less!

Resting after my walk..

OMG.  She sort of sneaked that one up on me.  But, I have to say, she’s got all the right moves. She had the water nice and warm–even

the rinse water–with a little brown apple cider vinegar–organic to  boot!  (She says that ‘restores my acid mantle’–whatever the heck

that is, eh?)  And, warm towels–and then, boy is she clever–she has these big blue pads–called ‘camel’ pads–and they suck up water to 10 times their weight. So, she ups and wraps me in one of those, then a warm towel and carried me to the bathroom, shut the door, and then came that noisy hair dryer and lots of brushing and brushing–white fluff was flying everywhere–no wonder she tucked us in the bathroom. LOL

It was just so cute the way she manicured me–with reassuring comments–I think that’s what it was–but her voice was very caring.  So, after a bit, there I was, nice and dry and fluffy–OH YEAH!  Fluffy is the operative word.  And, then, when we went for our walk, everyone–all those little old people– had to touch me and say,” Oh he’s sooo white–and sooo soft!”  I have to admit, I sure liked all that attention.

She just looks innocent, let me tell you

Oh, ha ha ha, the best part is that Rat-cat didn’t get away with anything.  Grandma said that since she was all wet anyway and had all the towels out, that Sophie might as well get her ‘summer’ bath, too.  MEOW-meow!  Oh boy you should have heard that song.  Grandma told her to be quiet–that she’s getting one of her 2 baths per year–in spite of the noise.  LOL LOL Serves her right.

Later that evening, I ran into Scooter by the benches on the lawn.  He was so playful and he was all groomed too.   Shih-tzu’s have to get clipped a certain way–it’s a pride thing–I think–but he was just as happy to see me as I was him–so,  I just had to bounce with know that great hop–2 steps   forward–head down, butt up, tail a wagging!  Then 3 bounces back.  We did this for a couple of minutes, I swear.  It was so fun…well, until the next morning–my arthritis kicked up in my right shoulder– It was so stiff– I was limping by the time we got to the end of our walk.  Grandma slowed our walk way down–but I told her to keep walking– I love getting out of the apartment.

So, we made our trip down the hall to take the trash out–and we stopped in and I got to visit with Scooter.  He wasn’t as excited to see me as he was the evening before…but, he’s a young-un.  I think he was worried about his food– like I’d eat that– I had already had my breakfast.  LOL      And, then something unexpected happened.  When we went to leave, we hadn’t even gone 10 steps in the hallway, when my shoulder really went out. And I could barely walk.   And, that Grandma–she’s amazing.  She went back to Scooter’s apartment and knocked on the door.  After a quick little discussion, zip-zip-zip–Scooter’s mommy came riding out the door on this candy-apple red contraption--another type of scooter.  Yep!  Grandma got me a ride on the puppy  taxi!  At first I wasn’t sure about it, but she put me in Scooter’s mommy’s lap–

Isn't this the berries? My own taxi.

and we followed Grandma down the hallway.  Two grandmas reassuring me with soothing voices as we jetted towards our apartment–clear on the other side of the building. Boy was I glad to get a ride.  Getting older is the pits!  Well, that’s what Grandma says all the time–and now I know what she means.  I guess I just can’t get so excited and do that bouncy dance again.

We made it home–and thanked the ‘taxi driver’..LOL  And, Grandma gave me my ’emergency pill’–as she called it.  OH YEAH!  She also adjusted me, massaged my back, and gave me a little piece of treat (She never gives me the whole darn thing–she’s watching my weight, she says.)   After that, I  felt a whole lot better… we sorta took it easy the next 2 days– and didn’t walk so far on our outings, and we went at a much slower pace.  I’m just about back up to par, now.  Thank heaven’s.

Well, this is about enough excitement for now.  Will chat with you soon.

Woof-Woof,  Luigi

Mourning the loss of some little friends…

Thursday,  June 23rd – B

Hi, Luigi here… being sad.  I didn’t know whether to mention this sad news or not.

But, I’m sure  that many of you have experienced the sudden loss of a pet.  But, last Friday, the 17th, three little Pugs from our neighborhood sneaked out of their yard, and although they ran helter-skelter through our apartment property, no one could get them to calm down and stay with them till their mommy and daddy showed up.  Well, unfortunately, they found their way up onto the train tracks which run behind our apartments.  And, then, the unspeakable happened.  In just an instant, their family lost all three of them.

So many folks were heart-sick and crying– especially their Mom and Dad.  They had searched so diligently for them–calling for their ‘babies’.    It was purely an accident that they got out–they were just having a ‘cheeky romp’- a tawny mother, her son, and a little black sister.  And, then the tragedy.

It's hard to not be sad--sometimes.

Grandma cried off and on all weekend.  She had seen them run by and had talked with their parents who were calling for them.   I heard her talking with friends who were still lamenting their loss and what that family must be going thru.  It made me think how fragile every moment of life really is.

“We need to speak kindly to each other ‘all the time’–and say I love you and that you smell nice.  Because, you never know when you won’t have that chance again. ”

Then, another family, here, had a loss  this week– Igor, Alph, and Cramer lost their Mommy last week.  They all thought she just had the flu–but it was more serious.  I wonder what will happen now  to a little white, bristley dog, and 14 year old Alph the Pomeranian, and the huge Tuxedo cat, Cramer.  I hope they find a nice grandmother to love them, too. I’m sure they are really, really sad because their mommy took wonderful care of them.

Cat tails at the pond--standing guard.

Well, I guess that’s enough  stories about sadness.

But, you know, there are two sides to a coin–and if we don’t acknowledge both kinds of emotions, how do we know how to feel?

‘Woof-Woof’,  Luigi

p.s.  On the Friday nite that the little pugs died, when Grandma and I did our evening walk, we heard a lone turtle dove– cooing– just 6 times… that’s all.

Grandma told me, “Luigi, the Grandfathers have taken the little puppies to heaven–and the turtle dove is letting us know they are resting now–and alright.”   She has Native American heritage, you know, and she knows these stories.   But, I think she’s right–because we’ve never heard that turtle dove before– or since.

There is a mystery to life that we must all leave up to God–and just patiently wait till He explains it to us.  You know, He lost His Son, too.  That’s why He is so wonderfully understanding.

Mistress Mary, how does your garden grow?

Thurs. June 23 – A

Well, hell-l0000!  Luigi here, again.. with so much news to catch up on.  Grandma has been busy on the computer

since we came home last week, so I  had to sneak in here in-between her big projects.  I last posted when we were

down taking care of Aunt Margie.  And, I couldn’t put photos on at that time.  So,  I refused to get in the back seat of the car to come home

cascading flowers

until Grandma took some photos of the beautiful rock garden in Auntie’s front yard.  So, here are the photo’s for my last blog.

pinks galore!

Then, I have several more stories coming up   enjoy!  ….

Hugs, and ‘Woof-Woof”-  Luigi

Little white flowers

just me, the clothes and the blankets... wheh!